Keywords: CAD/CAM, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing, Sowing Machine


This study was focused on the Seeds Sowing Machine, which was designed to facilitate the farmers in the cultivation process to get high flexibility and efficiency. The study focuses on the mechanism to plant rice seeds directly on the nursery ground. The rice seed was chosen because of 80 percent of Cambodian grows rice and it is the principle commodity. In addition, the rice seed is small in forms, linear and hairy entries, which is difficulty to drop than other kind of seeds.

The seed sowing machine mechanism was successfully design and manufacture. The experimental result showed that the machine is able to drop the rice seed with the appropriate number, correct location, and no seed broken. Moreover, the machine was manufactured based on rigorous test, quality, and durability with the proper selection of raw materials and expert technical skills with the highest efficiency. This machine can contribute to promote development of rice production and can be apply for other seeds such as corn, bean, and other.

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